An interview with Brandice Renae

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Since the official launch of the StitchCharities Empowerment Workshops, we have had the pleasure of hearing from a host of dynamic women leaders in the St. Louis community. Powerful women providing insight and encouragement! If you do not know about the StitchCharities Empowerment Workshops, let me give you a quick summary. The workshops are designed to empower high school girls to embrace their own beauty while giving them the opportunity to connect with mentors and other girls just like them. We couldn’t be prouder of the workshop participants!

No doubt you’ve read the interviews we’ve done with our inspiring workshop leaders and the next young lady will not disappoint! It has been a joy getting to know these women on a more personal level!

Brandice Renae – Blogger & Owner of Faithfully Creative LLC.

Allow us to introduce you to Brandice Renae, Graduate Support Advisor for La Salle Middle School and the Owner and Founder of Faithfully Creative, LLC. When Brandice is not working, she loves to contribute to the growth of her blog and business, as well as support her family, friends, and mentees. Brandice studied Management at Wash U and went on to obtain her MSW. Despite being busy letting the world know who she is and the mark she is prepared to leave, Brandice continuously makes time to support the next generation of young women and impact the lives of everyone around her!

To learn more about Faithfully Creative, LLC. click here and check out her blog at

In the interview below, Brandice talks about her passions and how self-love is crucial for all people.

Q: What made you decide to be a part of this project?

Brandice Renae

A: I was introduced to the wonderful work that the StitchCharities does through my best friend, Marshida Harris. After coming to hear her speak and meet the faces behind the organization- I knew that it would be a perfect fit. I am passionate about celebrating and promoting others in my life, especially women!

Q: What do you want girls to take away from the message presented at the EYOB (Embrace Your Own Beauty) workshops?

A: I would want them to know at the end of the workshops that they are enough, simply by being themselves. They don’t have to manipulate or change anything about themselves to be who they are destined to be—and that their most authentic selves is the best version.

Q: It sounds like we have a lot in common. Here at StitchCharities, we are all about empowering women as well! We start by teaching our girls how to embrace their own beauty. What advice do you have as they journey through this process?

A: Embracing your own beauty starts with loving who you are. That means taking the quirky things about ourselves, and loving them. Taking every single flaw and embracing it. It means positive self-talk and actively finding ways to promote love for ourselves.

Q:  We understand no one is 100% confident all the time, how do you handle self-doubt and uncertainty?

A: Embracing your flaws is a huge part of the process of finding out who you are. Whenever I hear words of doubt creep up, I say the opposite of those things, often times through scripture, to remind myself of who I truly am.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for young girls to have self-love?

A: Self-love is crucial for young women so that they can know early on that who they are is important and necessary. The earlier we recognize that our voices are powerful and that our purpose is important, the earlier we can begin to walk in it.

Making new connections with scholars

Q: Switching gears a little bit, what motivated you to choose the career path you are currently on?

A: I chose Social Work as a career field because I knew that I wanted to serve my community in the most direct way possible. I also chose to become an entrepreneur for the thrill of creating and building a legacy. I plan on being a full time entrepreneur and mixing the skill set of social work as a continual career.

Q: If you could only use one word to describe what you want to represent in your chosen career field, what would that word be?

A: Agape — Agape is a Greek term that means unconditional love. You never know what someone is going through, so that hope is that people will always feel love and kindness after being around me.

Q: What were the biggest hurdles that you faced as a female in the workforce?

A: Sexism was a large hurdle that I faced since my introduction to the workforce.

Q: Many say the glass ceiling is tough to break through for a woman in the workforce. Do you agree? If so, why do you think this is the case?

A: I agree, but I know that it is also possible to do. It take persistence, strategy and a heart/passion for the work that is being done.

Q: One thing that is useful for women in the workforce is mentor-ship and role models to look up to. Who is your role model? And why?

A: My late grandmother. She taught me what it means to be a lady, how to have faith in the hard times, honoring my elders, and crucial life skills that I use daily. She taught me what it means to be strong and loving throughout the trails of life.  She is my latest and greatest inspiration.

Q: Random question, what is your favorite food?

Faithfully Creative by Brandice

A: French fries! Because potatoes are versatile and delicious, in almost any form.

Q: What about your favorite music artist?

A: I have a variety- I really enjoy worship music due to it lifting my spirits and mood.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: I would go back to Florence, Italy to explore and indulge in the culture!

Q: Paint us a picture, what was high school like for you?

A: High school was a bit of an identity crisis for me, but it helped shape who I am today. I was friends with many people and unsure about what I was good at and wanted to pursue. Over the course of the 4 years, I was on the basketball team, President of the Diversity Group, orchestra, National Honors Society and a few other clubs. Due to taking my academics very seriously, I was able to graduate early and start saving up for college. This landed me a scholarship that was very helpful for my collegiate studies.

Q: What do you wish you knew back then?

A: I wish I knew the importance of mentors during that time. The treasure found in  a “big sister” to keep me on track and lead me in the right direction —  I would have sought one out prior to being in college.

Faithfully Creative by Brandice

Q: Any advice for teen girls interested in starting their own business/entering the career field you are currently in?

A: GO FOR IT! Write down the vision, ask the scary questions, find a solid mentor, and simply go for it. Let your passion, purpose and peace be your guide.

Thank you so much for opening up and allowing us to get to know you a little better! We cannot wait to listen to you speak at the workshop. For all those who would love to meet Brandice, she will be facilitating different workshops throughout the year at the Microsoft Store at the Galleria. Check StitchCharities Facebook page for updates.


Brandice: Thank you so much for the opportunity!


Thanks, Brandice, for sharing your thoughts with us today.

To find out how to be a part of StitchCharities EYOB Empowerment Workshops click here.

The workshops are held at the Microsoft Store located in the St. Louis Galleria Mall.

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